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F & I Turbo Menu
F & I - Turbo Menu
F&I TURBO MENU© is the next generation in F&I menu selling and presentation.  It quickly generates a menu of F&I packages that are offered to each customer during the F&I process.

Present every customer with a professional menu of F&I products in just seconds. Our menu system details the various packages you’re offering to your customer, along with the package price, term, interest rate and payment — all automatically calculated. It even shows what the payment would be by extending the term of the deal…a great tool to show how they can easily finance the desired package.

Improve penetration levels in:
» Service contracts
» LA&H
» Theft
» Gap
» Chemical packages
» Any additional Dealership products  you request

Selling Tool
F&I Turbo Menu provides a professional and non-confrontational tool that provides greater income potential for the dealership and the “paper” trail ensures compliance is automatically addressed on every deal providing a safety net for the F&I Manager and Dealership.  F&I Turbo Menu can be either printed out on paper or viewed on-screen; whichever is most convenient for the customer and F&I Manager.

Your job demands that you maximize profits with every customer opportunity. Turbo Menu presents 100% of your Products to 100% of your customers 100% of the time!

Turbo Menu seamlessly integrates with ADP© and R&R© systems, which eliminates double entry saving the F&I Manager time and eliminating user error. You don’t have to make the customer wait while you enter data or re-calculate payments. Less effort = more profit! 

Risk Management and Compliance
Every F&I manager understands the risks involved in being compliant. These risks impact not only the F&I manager but the entire dealership. Consistently using F&I Turbo Menu on every customer can reduce legal issues such as State and Federal penalties, litigation and even criminal prosecution.  With less Risk you can relax and sell more!

If you’re not using a menu system in the F&I office you could be leaving hundreds of dollars on the table every time a vehicle is sold. Menu selling is faster, more efficient and more profitable. Our System helps you increase sales, manage your risk, speed the delivery process and protect the dealership.

Dealerships have told us that the Turbo Menu has greatly increased the learning curve for newly hired F&I managers.  Our Selling System greatly streamlines and simplifies training for F&I Managers and will make a new F&I Manager great and it will make an experienced F&I Manager incredible!

The Turbo Menu can make the F&I experience a lot less intimidating and a lot more hassle free for your Customer.  When you treat all customers in the same professional manner and consistency with a clear-cut menu of options that are easy to understand, the process is faster, and the paperwork is less cumbersome. Most of you pros out there also recognize that happy customers often pay more and will allow the dealership to make a profit because they recognize the value that’s been presented. Since F&I is usually the last stop in the dealership, the last impression is the most important, and with a good experience in F&I you’ve greatly improved the odds that the customer will become a repeat and a great referral. Sell more, with higher customer satisfaction.

Since Turbo Menu interfaces with your ADP
or R&R DMS system, all deal information is always available in your F&I Menu presentations when you need it. Pull up any deal any time and launch the Turbo Menu System!

Professional Image
Our System can display your dealership name, logo or any additional custom graphics you wish either on-screen or on paper which creates a professional image for your dealership while helping raise F&I sales success.

Add new products and tell us how you want it customized. You help us develop a “Features-Advantage-Benefits” presentation with selling points you think will help increase interest in your new product. We will tailor it to your specification and appearance.

Screen Samples

5 Option Menu
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Turbo Menu Sample

3 Product Menu
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Turbo Menu Sample

System Requirements

-Windows 95 / 98 / ME / XP / Vista

-200 mhz processor
-Connection to ADP or R&R system
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