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                    DLR Setup - Fax Form

                     F & I Fast Forms 40032 Waha Glen Rd, Lewiston, ID  83501

                               Fax:  (208) 798-5541

                                                             Telephone:  (208) 798-5539  


              DealerName:__________________________________________ Date:______________


              Contact:_______________________________________Voice phone:  (_____)_____________

              Position:_________________Email:_______________________ Fax:   (_____)______________

              Bill the following forms to: __________________Contact:______________________  

              Agent Name_________________________Cell Phone:_______________________       


             Forms requested to be programmed:








                   Forms are $99.00 each. There is no charge to align any form that we have programmed.


               Type of System:           ADP Elite         ADP Alliance         R&R  Legacy          R&R ODS 


 Modem # (______)______________ Additional Modem # (         )__________________


               Assigned User ID ________________________________Password __________________________


     Your signature below states you have the authority to make this request and you authorize F&I Fast Forms

     to access your system to program the above form(s). Access requirements:

ADP-UF, TRM, MV, SU, FI, BF, LF.                R&R- 4810, 4900, 6110, 6150, 6325, 6190, 6780, 4881, 4813


Privacy Agreement


THIS AGREEMENT is between F&I Fast Forms Inc, (hereinafter “Service Provider”) and ________________________________

(hereinafter “Dealer”), Service Provider agrees to maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal

and state laws, so as to maintain the confidentiality of all consumer information and data regarding Dealer’s customers that may come

 into Service Provider’s possession. Should Service Provider violate any terms of the Agreement then Dealer may immediately terminate

 the relationship.  Dealer may seek injunctive relief in addition to a claim for damages, in order to prevent or remedy any breach of the

confidentiality obligations of the Agreement. 




                       _________________                              ___________________________________________

                       Date                                                        Signature of Authorized Agent of Service Provider


                                   - - - -   FAX TO: 208-798-5541 - - - -